Domgasse 8 Vienna, general renovation

Viennas most demanding tenants find their domicile only 100 meters behind the Stephansdom in the house Domgasse 8. Right in the City Centre, but still a very quiet location with the view into a lovely backside garden. Sunside loggia with glass windows from floor to ceiling, terraces, amply dimensioned rooms, 2 penthouses with roof terraces and whirlpool.

The complete renovation and additional construction of a backside extension and the penthouse extension of the monument protected apartment house was managed by Architect Wolfgang Mitterecker during the years 2003 to 2005.

dom-eingang     dom-garten

dom-innen     dom-lift

dom-penthouse     domgasse

A plate in front of the house reminds to the fact that this house was the domicile of the famous k&k imperial courier Kolschitzky during the times of the Turk invasion. Nearby on the other side of the Domgasse is the newly renovated Mozarthaus the place were Mozart was staying and composing during the years 1784 until 1787 (Figaro was created here).

The south side of the house leads to a little garden, which is part of a number of small courtyards each connected with each other by little lanes. This socalled "Blutgassenviertel" is a hidden unique combination of culture and nature right in the city centre.